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Pavel Cerny

Pavel Cerny started out as a stage and film director in his native Czechoslovakia. After a forced expulsion from the communist country he settled in Los Angeles where he wrote screenplays and became an internationally noted stage director (Germany, Austria). During the pandemic Pavel wrote 4 screenplays and 5 books. The screenplays have already won over 20 international festival awards including the selections to the European Cinematography Awards and the Cannes Film Awards. His first two books HAMLET IN BALTIMORE, a horror fantasy about the childhood of Edgar Allen Poe, and the charming children book ALEX AND THE AMAZING CATVENTURES are gathering critical and readers praise. These two books were followed by THE BLUE BOTTLE, about the 27-year-old Edgar Allen Poe’s notorious marriage to his 13-year-old cousin Virginia. Next came the sequel to his children book, ALEX AND THE NEW CATVENTURES, and the final part of Pavel’s Poe trilogy: the critically acclaimed THE GOLDEN WATCH or THE MURDER AT THE WASHINGTON HOSPITAL. Pavel is at present finishing the third book about Alex and his talking cat named ALEX AND THE LAST CATVENTURES.