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Pavel Cerny started out as a stage and film director in his native Czechoslovakia. After a forced expulsion from the communist country he settled in Los Angeles where he wrote screenplays and became an internationally noted stage director (Germany, Austria).

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Hamlet In

A Horror Fantasy

A horror about the 5 year old Edgar Poe and his two actor parents being murdered by a vampire. It is a wholly made up fantasy. In reality Poe’s alcoholic father left the family when Poe was one and a half years old, and his mother died of consumption when he was two. Instead, this is a fiction about what formed E.A. Poe’s life and work. The book is Part One of the planned A Heart Laid Bare series. Part Two-THE BLUE BOTTLE, another horror fantasy about the author’s strange relationship with his 13 year old bride Virginia has been recently released.

Recently awarded with Royal Dragonfly Award and The BookFest Award

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The Blue Bottle

I call this novella “a romantic horror ” since besides the horror fantasy elements it is actually a story of a major love – a 19th century equivalent of Romeo and Juliet.

Based on the real life story of the 27 year old Edgar Allan and his still controversial marriage to his sickly 13 year old first cousin Virginia.

Todays historians and Poe biographers can’t even agree whether the marriage was consummated, All we know that the author spent sleepless nights attempting to write, sustained mostly by alcohol, while Virginia was dying of consumption.

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The Golden Watch

Murder at the Washington hospital

We know that Edgar Allan Poe participated in the 1849 election (some say that he voted 14 times–each time in exchange for a bottle of whiskey), and he died days later at the Washington (a.k.a Church) Hospital in Baltimore.

Pavel Cerny, the author of the GOLDEN WATCH OR THE MURDER AT THE WASHINGTON HOSPITAL, costructs a fictional horror fantasy from what may have happened in between the elections and Poe’s premature death on October 7,1849.

Enjoy how the author weaves the intricate threads of this scary detective story. And remember to also read the first two parts of the trilogy. Have fun!

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