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LSD Memories-A Love Story

Selected for Cannes Festival Awards.

Prague in the waning days of Communism. A young man falls in love with a woman. And a man. How can he decide between them? An intimate, personal triangle story with the background of the experimental LSD Therapy and political persecution by the Czech Secret Police. Laughter.Tears. Love

Golem X2

Ben ( 17)discovers the Shem from the mythical Golem if the 16th century Rabbi Loew of Prague. The Shem is stolen by the evil scientist Amir. Ben, his father Robert and Lucas .- – a secret society operative, pursue Amir at first to a new laboratory at the feet of Mt Fuji where Amir tries build a weapon out of the Shem. After a chase the action moves to Manhattan where it culminates with a fierce bottle between a new Golem(X2) and Amir’d huge AI robot,. At the end Ben can return the Shem to its original resting place..

Journey to Eldorado

Based on a real story

1849- Gold Rush in California. Yankees attack the encampment of Joaquin Murietta ( 19) rape his girlfriend Rosita and take all the gold that the couple were panning for. What follows is a story of revenge .A band of Mexicans gathered by Joaquin ambush coaches and steal the gold that they were transporting. Joaquin befriends Jan, a recently emigrated teacher from Austria who indoctrinates Joaquin to only steal from the rich and give to the poor. Too late. A group of Texas rangers surround the bandits. Joaquin shoots Jan thinking that he betrayed the Mexican . The Rangers kill the bandits. The head of Joaquin is exhibited in a jar of whiskey.

A Heart Laid Bare -The Extraordinary Life of E.A.Poe

Selected for the European Cinematography Award in 2021.

A horror and vampire Chinese Box( A story in a story in a story ) of tales based on real and imaginary incidents from the life of Edgar Allan Poe. Products of Poe’s feverish mind as he is dying of alcohol induced dementia. All told in the style of the stories of the great classic of American literature .